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Moderator of the Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Abolition of Indian Indentureship

I was honored to moderate this event by the Indian Diaspora Council on March 3rd at the Indian Consulate in NYC, to mark 100 years since the abolition of Indian indentureship. Articles below from India Abroad (March 24, 2017) and the South Asia Times (March 11, 2017).

New article on the Global Fund for Women

I’ve recently become a Contributor to the International Museum of Women/Global Fund for Women. My first piece deals with the harrowing and ultimately deadly story of two young American girls who were murdered in an honor killing by their father. Documentary Unravels Honor Killings of American Sisters by Suzanne Mahadeo

Three (years overseas), Two (months back to visit), One (more week ’til we leave)

I feel like I say it a lot in my head… “I’ve been gone for three years.” Gone from where exactly? America and all of its packaged preservatives, extraneous bills, and unnecessary competition. In the past two months I’ve enjoyed visiting family and friends for the holidays (and squeezing in a snowboarding weekend in Massachusetts) […]

Boots and BBQ in “Big D,” Texas

Wearing gray, leatherless cowgirl boots, eatin’ salmon BBQ on a home-flame grill, and toasting pink bubbly was the way I rang in 2013 in Dallas, Texas. After a solid three years overseas, and starting this year in China dreaming of escape, it was all I could have hoped for: spending time with familiar faces, sharing […]

New print article: In the Red magazine

I wrote this article before I left Guangzhou earlier this year. It’s about the rise of materialism in China.

Some Thoughts in a Vietnamese Hotel Room

March 19, 2012 Sitting up halfway in a hotel in Hue, Vietnam, staring out the open window as birds circle between the nearby hotels and “touristic”—as everyone calls it overseas—restaurants. Ben is reading me a potential itinerary of this week’s must-sees: a museum of Cham Dynasty ruins from the 4th–12th centuries in nearby Da Nang, […]

Feature on

Happy Chinese New Year. The reverberations in my ears of celebratory firecrackers going off at all hours of the day are finally starting to die down, thankfully. Nothing like walking passed 3,000 blackcats still strung together and thrown into the street to explode in succession for five minutes. I also managed to poke my eye […]

New Article: Island Under Water

Hello! Haven’t updated in a while. Life these days is full with the challenge of teaching, freelance editing, traveling, writing and general randomness. We’ve made it five months into our one-year contract here in Guangzhou. It’s going by relatively fast, but not fast enough. 😉 I still only know a handful of Mandarin since our […]

The Get Go Magazine’s Launch Party

About a month ago, I wrote an article for a new magazine published by Being Fun China called The Get Go. My article is about a nightmare weekend trip I took out of Guangzhou to a city called Zhaoqing in a neighboring province. The launch party for the magazine was this weekend and it was […]

Video: A Day in Guangzhou, China

Well, hello there. It’s been 2.5 months now that we’ve been in China. I’ve had intermittent and unreliable internet access, with a fairly busy schedule up until the last few weeks. Now that I have the time (and the internet connection!), here’s a video I made for a contest at work. It’s a two-minute glimpse […]

Thanks, 82 Birds!

My wish of having a blog so that I can keep in touch with friends and family while overseas has been granted by the genius genies over at 82 birds! My favorite design/web team always manages to make me smile. I recommend them if you (or anyone you know) needs marketing material, brochures, business cards, […]