New featured article on Youth Ki Awaaz

by Suzanne Mahadeo

Here is my latest article (co-written with the artistic director of Price of Silence, Jason Jayology) about uniting as a people.

“Together, we are not minorities. We are a force. But society is currently structured in a way to keep those in power still in power and to keep us thinking that we are smaller than we are—what else is the word “minority” supposed to accomplish, but to try and make us feel diminished, parcelled, fragmented, and ultimately, invisible and unimportant? We, together, are not a minority. And we have to stop acting like some of us are better than others in these marginalized groups, based on the internalized racism that has brainwashed us into thinking that we are different from each other.”

We are not the Minority

 by Suzanne Mahadeo and Jason Jayology