Three (years overseas), Two (months back to visit), One (more week ’til we leave)

by Suzanne Mahadeo

I feel like I say it a lot in my head… “I’ve been gone for three years.” Gone from where exactly? America and all of its packaged preservatives, extraneous bills, and unnecessary competition.

In the past two months I’ve enjoyed visiting family and friends for the holidays (and squeezing in a snowboarding weekend in Massachusetts) on the east coast, in the midwest and in the south. But I’ve also relearned a lot about America and mostly came up with even more reasons why I’m ready to leave again.

Mexico is the next destination. Asia, while amazing, freeing, and approachingly wild, was too far away from this place that I still want to get away from——The Good Ol’ USA, which harbors my loved ones. Much closer is Mexico, where I hope to find some of the sprawling verdant countrysides of SE Asia, the smiling faces, warming sunshine and spiciness of Thailand, and explore its own local, cultural charm.

If I like it, I’ll stay. If not, I’ll still be looking for home.