Feature on gopowerkick.com

by Suzanne Mahadeo

Happy Chinese New Year. The reverberations in my ears of celebratory firecrackers going off at all hours of the day are finally starting to die down, thankfully. Nothing like walking passed 3,000 blackcats still strung together and thrown into the street to explode in succession for five minutes. I also managed to poke my eye with a hairbrush, which resulted in a hospital visit to the Eur-Am clinic downstairs from our apartment and two days in bed resting, unable to open my eye. Luckily, my voice is still in working order, as I’ve taken a few voiceover projects here in Guangzhou. I had to read a few lines with a British accent, which I pulled out of my crumpet at the last minute. :)

Here’s a profile I wrote, by the request of EF. Seems like they weren’t too miffed by my honest account of my experience in China, so that’s a relief.

Suzanne: Abroad in Guangzhou