The Get Go Magazine’s Launch Party

by Suzanne Mahadeo

About a month ago, I wrote an article for a new magazine published by Being Fun China called The Get Go. My article is about a nightmare weekend trip I took out of Guangzhou to a city called Zhaoqing in a neighboring province. The launch party for the magazine was this weekend and it was really fun.



Dapper and happy


There were salsa dancers, glow lights, an English band, a DJ who spins at the city’s sole Mexican restaurant, and lots of raffle prizes — three of which Ben, Kevin, and I all won. Ben won a number of brews at the German pub in town called the Wunderbar. And Kevin and I each won 500RMB worth of “hair treatments” from Toni & Guy, which we couldn’t stop laughing about.

(Last week turned out to be a lucky week. I found out last Thursday that I won the video contest at work: see previous entry. But, so did everyone else who entered since there were so few entries…hehe.)

I was amused and embarrassed when I walked into Bravo and saw my face on the homepage of the Being Fun China homepage displayed on a projection screen on the wall…

On the Being Fun China homepage


TheĀ  e-magazine has a nicer layout of the article if you download it and open the table of contents. I can’t see the issue with my Mac, so here’s an HTML version:

Month One in China: Needing a Break and Breaking the Bank
by Suzanne Mahadeo