Another day, another country

by Suzanne Mahadeo

Made it safely to Guangzhou, China!

First impressions of the route from the airport to our hotel, after three months in India:

  • The streets here are newly paved, wide, clean, and lined with big, beautiful, green trees. (I haven’t spotted a single cow yet.)
  • The people are friendly, helpful, and happy.
  • The women are very fashionable! They wear short, classy dresses and heels at all hours of the day. My plaid shirts won’t cut it here unless there’s a resurgence of Grunge in the East.
  • The men are very polite and offer friendly smiles as you pass them on the street.
  • It’s quiiiiiiiiiet!

We purchased several pairs of khaki pants to go with the rugby and polo shirts we are to don for our new positions, at a branch of the largest language institution in the world, located in hundreds of cities and countries around the world (some of which I haven’t even heard of, like “Nice” in North Italy). So far the company has been very kind, picking up our flight to/from China, two weeks in our hotel while we look for an apartment, and Mandarin lessons throughout the year. They’re also flying us to Shanghai next week for some more training. I’ll be honest, though, after several months of living out of luggage, I’m ready for a clean apartment, a closet, and to get back to work…